Wood Window Rot Repair

Window sill and frame rot is a common problem in wood windows. As water leaks in around the paint/caulk, heat from the sun warms creates a perfect environment for rot fungi. As the fungi spreads, it deteriorates the wood and can cause significant visual and structural damage to the window sash and frame.
Others use epoxy or hardened wood putties to patch the problem, this is just a short term fix to an internal wood rot problem. We prefer to remove unwanted wood rot and replace it with new wood for a lasting repair. We can remake a portion or all of the wooden sash, jamb or sill to replace just that portion instead of having to replace the entire window. Our goal is to save you money and earn your future business.
Fungi Spreads
Wood Rot Repair
Window Sill Frame Rot
Wood Rot Removal
Replace with New Wood
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Before and after wood rot images wood rot repair
Save Money
Whether your windows have minor or severe wood rot issues, we’ve got you covered. Our repair technicians are experts in replacing, repairing or rebuilding your rotted wood windows. For wood rot in the windows at your home or business, no one knows wood window rot repair like us.